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Take It Outside!

Take It Outside! is the BLM's flagship youth engagement program.  It was established to help ensure that young people from all backgrounds have access to outdoor recreational opportunities on public lands while fostering future generations of public land stewards.  Stressing health, family, fun, and stewardship, Take It Outside! provides opportunities for young people to engage in outdoor recreation, informal education, and volunteer projects.

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2014 Take It Outside!

Webinar Series Recording Archive


Webinar Series Description:  This webinar series showcases the Take It Outside! program and provides viewers with the knowledge and tools for developing and managing Take It Outside activities including:  planning, budgeting, marketing, and working with partners. 

Key Points

·   Webinar 1 - Need help organizing and sustaining partnerships to develop and implement your Take It Outside! program?  We have lots of successful examples and tips for you!  Webinar recorded on February 11, 2014.

·   Webinar 2 - Are you wondering how to plan and budget for Take It Outside activities? We have tools for you!  Webinar recorded on March 11, 2014.

·   Webinar 3 - How do I work with partners to grow enthusiasm, funding and program effectiveness?  We have a range of partnerships to share with you, from small and large, to informal and formal.  Webinar recorded on April 8, 2014.

·   Webinar 4 - How do I market these activities?  We will highlight some great examples!  Webinar recorded on May 13, 2014.


Target Group:  BLM Outdoor Recreation Planners, Park Rangers, Botanists, Biologists, Ecologists, Hydrologists, Wildlife Biologists, Geologists and any other BLM employees interested in learning more about Take It Outside! 


Having trouble accessing The Recording Archive?  Contact Maile Adler, National Training Center, at 602-906-5502 or madler@blm.gov


Want to download the presentations from each of the 2014 webinars? No problem.  Just scroll down and click on the presentation you would like to download.



Additional resources are listed below.  For more information, contact Patti Klein, National Lead for Stewardship and Take It Outside Programs, at 801-539-4235 or  pklein@blm.gov



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What is a Take It Outside Activity?pdf1.16 MB
Messing About in Boats - 1st Webinarpdf6.74 MB
Nature High Summer Camp - 1st Webinarpdf2.92 MB
Planning for a Take It Outside Activity - 2nd Webinarpdf2.01 MB
Budgeting for a Take It Outside Activity - 2nd Webinarpdf1.05 MB
Working with Partners, Part 1 - 3rd Webinarpdf2.22 MB
Working with Partners, Part 2 - 3rd Webinarpdf2.65 MB
Marketing Take It Outside Activities, Part 1 - 4th Webinarpdf2.18 MB
Marketing Take It Outside Activities, Part 2 - 4th Webinarpdf8.85 MB
Additional Training Opportunitiespdf121.24 KB
Education, Interpretation, and Youth Engagement National Strategypdf1.73 MB

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