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Title: VRM Forms

Contains forms for the Visual Resource Management program.  The fillable forms are  Word documents and/or templates.  A .pdf version is also provided. 

NEW COLOR CHARTS:  BLM has just prepared new Standard Environmental Color Charts.  These have 9 actual paint chips pasted on the chart, so we cannot add that document to the KRC.  Your BLM office assigned staff member for forms/publications can order these through BLM's Printed Materials Distribution System (PMDS) - Stock Number CC001.

For additional information, contact rob_sweeten@blm.gov  435-259-2139; or john_mccarty@blm.gov 202-785-6574  For information on use of GIS to conduct VRM inventories, contact david_kiel@blm.gov 435-688-3240

Files (click to access):
File NameFile TypeFile Size
8400-01 Scenic Quality Rating Form - Fillablemsword38.24 KB
8400-01 Scenic Quality Rating Form Templatemsword66.5 KB
8400-04 Contrast Rating Form - Fillablemsword53.5 KB
8400-04 Contrast Rating Form Templatemsword66.5 KB
8400-05 Scenic Quality Rating From - Fillablemsword46 KB
8400-06 Sensitivity Level Rating Form - Fillablemsword36 KB
8400-01 pdfpdf60.22 KB
8400-04 pdfpdf50.67 KB
8400-05 pdfpdf22.85 KB
8400-06 pdfpdf66.79 KB
Explanation of Scenic Quality Rating Criteriamsword22 KB

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