Assessing Cumulative Effects (June 29, 2006)

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This 3-hour broadcast on cumulative impacts analysis aired June 29, 2006 from the BLM National Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been separated into smaller segments to allow for quicker video downloads. Materials for the broadcast can be viewed or printed by selecting the Materials button on the left.

 Listen to unique perspectives on cumulative impacts from experts in the field, including Ted Boling (CEQ), Leslie Wildesen (ETCI), Roger Nesbit (Pacific Northwest Region Solicitor’s Office), Richard Hardt (BLM’s Eugene [Oregon] District), Walt George (BLM’s Wyoming State Office). Learn from your peers by listening to the question and answer segments with the audience. Don’t forget to watch the last segment, in which each presenter gives words of wisdom on cumulative effects in their closing remarks.

 Contact (602-906-5536) for additional training on cumulative effects, NEPA, planning, or alternative dispute resolution for natural resources.