Planning / NEPA Forum - BLM NEPA Handbook (May 29, 2008)

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The overall goal of this three-hour broadcast, originally broadcast May 29, 2008, was to introduce the recently released NEPA Handbook (H-1790-1).  During the broadcast, a panel of experts from the NEPA Handbook Team briefly discussed the guiding principles behind the development and organization of the new guidance.  The team also highlighted some major differences from the previous handbook and answered questions from the audience.  Questions from the audience follow discussion of each topic.  The remaining questions/answers can be found under the Q&A tab.  This broadcast, hosted by Cathy Humphrey from the National Training Center, included perspectives from special guests; Director, Jim Caswell provided opening comments.

Panel Members:  Ted Milesnick (NEPA Handbook Revision Team Lead), Chief, Fire Planning and Research, Office of Fire and Aviation; Richard Hardt, Ecologist, Eugene District Office; Meagan Conry, Planning & Environmental Coordinator, Roseburg Field Office.

Special Guests:  Peg Sorensen (Washington Office); Elizabeth Carls (Office of the Solicitor); Jolie Pollet (Alaska State Office); Chuck Otto (Pinedale Field Office).

Target Audience:  BLM employees who are familiar with the NEPA process and are required to conduct NEPA analyses and/or are responsible for NEPA-related decisions.