Planning / NEPA Forum - Purpose and Need (April 30, 2009)

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Topic:  Purpose and Need

Duration:  100 minutes

Original Live Broadcast Date:  April 30, 2009

Panel:  Richard Hardt (Ecologist, BLM), Edythe Seehafer (NEPA Planner, BLM), Peg Sorensen (National NEPA Coordinator, BLM), Elizabeth Carls (Attorney Advisor, Office of the Solicitor).  Host Cathy Humphrey (Planning/NEPA Training Coordinator, BLM)

Description:  The panel reviewed guidance for purpose and need from the CEQ regulations, DOI regulations, and BLM NEPA Handbook.  They used case studies and examples to illustrate the concepts.  Specific topics were:

  • differentiating purpose from need
  • differentiating aplicant from agency purpose and need,
  • role,
  • scope (range of alternatives), and
  • timing. 

Audience participation added depth to the presentation.