NEPA: Working Effectively in Interdisciplinary Teams

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Description:  The National Training Center is pleased to offer this amended video presentation that was part of a 2 ½ hour live broadcast held on November 18, 2004.  Working in interdisciplinary (ID) teams is a crucial part of the BLM’s work and resource management planning receives a great deal of public scrutiny on both local and national levels. The effective interpersonal functioning of an ID team can affect the quality and effectiveness of products such as resource management plans (RMPs), environmental impact statements (EISs), and project plans.  This training will enable ID team members to use tools and techniques that will improve their team skills and products.

During this session, you will watch several video segments and participate in 4 scenario exercises.  This will allow you to incrementally build your skills of working in an ID team.  It’s best if you watch the video segments, then pause the video to work on the exercises with the other members of your ID team.  After you finish each exercise you may compare your answers to the instructor’s during the review segments.  

Target Audience: 
This course is designed for anyone working in an ID team (BLM or non-BLM)--team leaders, supervisors, managers, NEPA coordinators, planning and environmental coordinators, team facilitators, other team members.

Instructors:   Joe Ross, Multi-Resource Specialist, Roseburg District Office Oregon-(Moderator); Linda Culver, Director, the Training Group Phoenix AZ (Consultant); Abbie Jossie Field Manager, Grants Pass Field Office, Oregon; Karen Kelleher, former RMP Team Leader, Phoenix Field Office, Arizona; and Jude Trapani, Fisheries Biologist, Salmon Field Office, Idaho. 

The instructors include a consultant with more than nine years of experience working with BLM teams, a BLM manager, RMP team leader, and team members who have experienced team development issues when working on RMP and project teams.