TSIS for Accountants

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TSIS for Accountants

TSIS is the database the BLM uses to monitor progress of timber sale contracts.  Contract administrators use it to help with administering timber sale contracts.  District Office, State Office, and Washington Office people use TSIS and the Brio reports to report on all aspects of the BLM Timber program.

Here, through this online resource, we have provided a subset of the full TSIS training to assist accountants  This resource consists of a series of video lessons from the TSIS training. Click on the links starting from the top going to the bottom.  When you have completed the KRC video lessons, contact your State Lead to be added as an Accountant to the TSIS production database.

The goal of this online resource is for you to become familiar with how to :

  • Navigate around TSIS
  • Use My TSIS
  • Access the online User and Participant Guide
  • Access User Support
  • Enter collection data into TSIS
  • Become familiar with how billing information is generated in TSIS

As an option - If you want to understand how TSIS fully works, you may enroll in the online TSIS training available through DOI Learn,                                  course number 1730-03.

Viewing Hint:  once you select and click on a given video, it will open another window and have a "Play" arrow for you to begin the video.  Be patient here as the video needs to load onto your computer (perhaps 10-20 seconds).  If you click "play" too soon, the video will be dark and unviewable. If this happens, click the "Pause" button on the left of the play progress line on the bottom of the window, wait a few more seconds, and then click the play arrow, and it should play correctly.

Primary Contact: Phil Cooley (NTC), (602) 906-5511
Secondary Contact: Tim Bottomley
(303) 236-0681

When you have completed viewing a video click on the red X in the upper right corner of the window to return to this screen.