Entering Specialized Data Into LR2000

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This resource is designed to train all BLM employees who use the LR2000 National Transactions Processing application.  By viewing the demonstrations within this resource, each user should be able to enter specialized data into LR2000 so that production levels may be assessed by WO program leads to allocate funding and as a tool to determine land status and other actions during case adjudication.

Sorry the videos are not currently available. They were in the no longer allowed Flash format. This resource had 10 videos.

Note: If you have any questions regarding these demonstrations, please contact your LR2000 state lead. If you would like to get credit for learning this program area information, go to DOI Talent and search for it by course name or course code 3000-99.

Resource Content:

This training resource includes the following 10 video demonstrations:

 Demo 1: Accessing the Corporate Metadata Repository (CMR)

 Demo 2: Entering Case Data

 Demo 3: Resolving Duplicate Legal Land Descriptions

 Demo 4: Tying Actions to Specific Pieces of Land or All Lands in a Case

 Demo 5: Updating Existing Cases

 Demo 6: Shortcuts to Updating Existing Cases

 Demo 7: Tracking Mining Plans and Notices

 Demo 8: Entering Wind and Solar Information on Rights-of-Way Cases 

 Demo 9: Resolving CBS Interface Errors

 Demo 10: Reading 3-sets and B-sets in the Status database.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hillary A. Conner.