Planning / NEPA Forum - Cooperating Agency and Coordination (July 26, 2012)

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This broadcast is another in a series of Planning/NEPA Forums, presented by the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) National Training Center (NTC). These forums cover current and important planning- or NEPA- related topics.

Topic:  Building Cooperating Agency Relationships and Maximizing Coordination Opportunities: An Interactive Roundtable with Acting BLM Director, Mike Pool

Duration:  90 minutes

Original Air Date: July 26, 2012

The BLM's commitment to the principles of collaboration and partnerships remain the cornerstone of its land use and resource management planning activities.  Its efforts to engage local, state, tribal, and other federal government partners as cooperating agencies have yielded valuable benefits as the BLM initiated and updated its plans. 

Day-to-day coordination across all levels of government is key in advancing information sharing and guiding on-the-ground actions.  During this broadcast, an expert panel discussed the recent changes in the Cooperating Agency Desk Guide, benefits and challenges of engaging cooperating agencies, how to establish a relationship with a cooperating agency, eligibility requirements, memorandum of understanding and memorandum of agreement, coordination vs cooperation, governor’s consistency review, training and other resources. 

Viewers of the live broadcast were able to discuss the opportunities and challenges with cooperating agency relationships with Acting Director, Mike Pool; Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Associate Director for NEPA Oversight, Horst Greczmiel; and BLM subject matter experts, Chris Carlton, Wyoming BLM; Matthew Higdon, BLM Washington office; and host Cynthia Moses-Nedd, BLM Washington office. Fremont County (Wyoming) Commissioner, Doug Thompson, was originally scheduled to speak, but was unable to join the broadcast.