Introduction to Records Management

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Course Name:

BLM-TC-1220-01, BLM Records Management 

Course Length:

2 – 3 hours (self-paced)

Course Objectives:

Given a scenario involving the management of records, determine if the records are being properly processed through the records management life cycle phases in accordance with established laws, regulations, and policies.

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the Records Management process at BLM. It will help you understand what’s most significant about your role in the records management process.
Your instructors include Records Managers and Records Administrators across the bureau.
You will need to know this training to be able to solve problems within your records management program. The BLM has standard processes for retrieving and filing records.
This course will provide you with examples of records that one will be responsible for and how managing a record will benefit the BLM if records are maintained properly. And what will happen if not.  BLM is mandated to protect records by law.

Specific Areas of discussing in this course include the following:

• General Records Management
• Records Creation
• Maintenance and Use
• Disposition

Target Audience:

Records Managers, Records Administrators, and Record Custodians

Course Credit:

 There is currently no course credit awarded for this course. However, additional course information is under development to include webinar sessions which will supplement this introduction and provide for course credit.

Categories: Business Administration, Financial Management, Accountability, Customer Service