Oil and Gas Surface Program - Permitting

Welcome to the Oil and Gas Surface Permitting Training and Support page! On this page, you will find links to training videos and support materials.

As additional resources are developed, we will continue to make additions. This page is only available from a BLM network device.


1. APD Review Process (35 minutes)

2. Building and Maintaining an Administrative Record (23 minutes)

3. Sundry Notice Review (31 minutes)

4. NEPA CXs or Categorical Exclusions (44 minutes)

5. Water Disposal (23 minutes)

6. Rights of Way (25 minutes)

7. Mitigation and COAs (28 minutes)

8. Operations on Non-Federal Surfaces (30 minutes)

9. Split Estate (55 minutes)

10. Resource Issues (45 minutes)

11. Onsite Inspections (25 minutes)

12. APD Review Process (25 minutes)


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