BLM Individual Development Plan


The Individual Development Plan (IDP) has been developed to assist employees, supervisors, managers and executives in developing career goals and identifying competencies.  Using the IDP, employees will be able to specify training and developmental activities needed to reach their goals.  This automated form also allows the National Training Center (NTC) to track IDP development and completion and to identify current and potential training needs.

The IDP is mandatory for all executives, managers, and supervisors.  All employees, however, are encouraged to use this form.  Use of this automated form will provide the National Training Center with information regarding the training and developmental needs of all employees.

Section 1:  Employee Information









Section 2:  Length of Service Information

Federal Service:


BLM Service:


Time in Position: 


Section 3:  Your Career Goals

This section was developed to help you focus on your short and long term goals for accomplishing your career aspirations.  Your objectives might focus on developing your skills for your current position or helping you bridge into another position.  The more specific you can be with defining your goals, the easier it will be to identify actions that will help you achieve them.