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Title: What is Metadata?



Geospatial Learning Pathways Presentation

Two-Minute Metadata / Why Metadata Is Important

This two-minute video reinforces the value of using metadata for a geospatial data set. Metadata describes the content, quality, condition, and other characteristics of the data. Metadata is critical to preserving the usefulness of data over time. Without proper documentation, a data set is incomplete, and therefore it is useless (zero value) to the organization.


The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), in accordance with Executive Order 12906, provides information on metadata, content standards, clearinghouse nodes and other data related links.  www.fgdc.gov

This video is hosted by Marguerite McKee, Planning & Environmental Coordinator/GIS Specialist, BLM Nevada State Office, with special guest Melinda McGann, Remote Sensing Specialist, Forest Service R-2 Regional Office


Metadata Soapbox

In this four-minute video, Marguerite McKee extends the metadata message and addresses why it is extremely important to utilize metadata when collecting or sharing data for a planning project.


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