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Title: Supervisor's Audio Forum - Generational Differences

The Supervisor’s Audio Forum is a new mini-series of one-hour audio sessions covering a broad range of supervisory duties and topics relating to a variety of administrative functions. You will have the opportunity to participate with the subject matter experts to get any questions on the topic answered. 


Generations at Work:

A Guide to Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

Come join us for an informative and interactive look at generational differences and how they affect the workplace. As organizations transform and become multi-generational, the changes will not only affect how we work but how we work together. Helping managers and employees understand the underlying factors that shape our motivation, world views and work philosophies will help address the challenges of reducing conflict in a multigenerational workforce. This session has something for everyone!

  What are the generational groups and how are they defined. 

     What has helped define the attitude toward work of each group.
     Addressing the stereotypes about each group.
     How to develop better communication between groups.
     Managing across generational groups.
     And much more!

Presented by Shelva Nobles, Program Analyst , WO-710

Shelva Nobles is a Human Resources Program Analyst for the Bureau of Land Management. Ms. Nobles works in the areas of Strategic Human Capital Management and is responsible for Workforce Planning, Competency Management and maintaining the Human Capital Scorecard. In this capacity, she does extensive workforce analysis utilizing various data sources to assist senior management in maintaining essential workforce balances.


It was during the course of pursuing her graduate degree in Human Resource Development that she became intrigued with generational characteristics and how the differences in those characteristics affect the work environment. Now considered a bona fide “generationalist”, she continues to research and analyze how the convergence of multiple generations in the workplace will affect every aspect of an organization.


Ms. Nobles received her B.S. in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising from Hampton University and her M.A. in Human Resource Development from the University of Maryland – Bowie State University. Ms. Nobles is a native of the Washington Metropolitan area and involved with mentoring and numerous other community activities.


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