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Title: Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium: An Overview

 This live telecast from the BLM National Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona features an overview of the upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses available through the Natural Resource Distance Learning Consortium (NRDLC). NRDLC is a partner with the USDA-FS and the BLM, and includes 10 universities who work together to provide over 250 web-based classes, 16 professional certificates, and 8 professional degrees covering a variety natural resource management disciplines.

Target Audience:
The target audiences for this telecast includes employees within resource management agencies of the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest Service who want to advance their education background, update knowledge within their discipline, or pursue a career change that requires additional or higher education. Employees in the fire program who are seeking to complete the required educational experience to convert to a 401 series classification will find the program of particular interest. Employee Development officials may also benefit from an awareness of the Consortium’s offerings.
This informational video includes some general information on distance learning, an overview of course delivery options, and the information available on the Consortium website. NRDLC university representatives describe some of the unique features of their program and answer specific questions submitted by the audience. Additionally, representatives were on hand from both USDA-FS and from DOI-BLM to answer questions about how to get started in taking one or more of the courses offered.

Instructors: Kieran Lindsey, NRDLC Executive Director, Virginia Tech U, Theresa Coble, Stephen F Austin U, Judith Kurtzman Utah Stare U, John Burch, U of Montana, Mike Whiteman, U of Idaho, Ursula Bechert, Oregon State U, Tim Burcham, U of Tennessee at Martin, Mike Kocurek, North Carolina State U, Jodi Roberts, Mississippi State U, William Woodland, USFS, Donald Charpio, BLM, Michael Mortimer, Virginia Tech U

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