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Title: ePlanning for the Public

The ePlanning application is an internet-based approach to creating, managing, sharing, and reviewing documents created in compliance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements. With ePlanning, textual, graphical, and geospatial information is created and shared in a collaborative team-based environment using workflow management technologies. Although created primarily to support the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) land use planning and NEPA processes, ePlanning is flexible enough to support a range of federal agency planning projects.

The ePlanning system enables a dynamic and interactive link between text, such as land use plans, and the supporting geospatial data. Final documents and maps are made available to the public via the internet for review and comment.  The public can submit online comments in a secure environment, then BLM staff can use tools within ePlanning to sort, analyze, and respond to these comments.

The BLM National Operations Center (NOC), National Training Center (NTC), and Division of Decision Support, Planning, and NEPA (WO-210) are developing a series of training modules to provide additional assistance on various ePlanning tasks.  This webpage is for modules that are more applicable to the public, for example, Submitting Public Comments, which shows you that anyone with access to the internet can locate and provide comments on BLM documents that were published using ePlanning.  (Please Note that the ePlanning system now allows 60 minutes to submit comments before it resets and deletes the form.) 

If you have questions about this website or future modules, please contact Tessa Teems, ePlanning Training Coordinator at the NTC (602-906-5567). For questions about ePlanning software or the content of the modules, contact Jim Wood, ePlanning training supervisor at the NOC (303-236-5426). For policy questions, contact Andrew Tkach, Washington Office ePlanning Coordinator (202-912-7283).  For software-related questions, please call 1-800-BLM-Help or email blm_eplanning@blm.gov.


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