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Title: Electronic Permitting - The Well Information System

The BLM Oil and Gas Management program is one of the most important mineral leasing programs in the Federal government. The Well Information System (WIS) allows approved oil and gas operators to submit permit applications and reports electronically using the Internet. This includes the BLM forms for Notice of Staking (NOS), Applications for Permit to Drill (APD), Well Completion Report and Sundry Notice. Operators can also attach required documents for these permits/reports.

Target Audience:
This training has been designed for BLM employee’s and approved oil and gas operators.

Learners will be able to access and use the WIS for electronic permitting and to do basic troubleshooting for common form submission issues.  

The links to the training sessions are below:

We have also compiled copies of resources such as blank form templates, examples of completed forms, reports and other documents you might find helpful. Links to these documents are in a Resources folder as part of the training.

If you view the training in its entirety it is a little more than two hours. However, you may select the particular topic or area and view it independently.

Files (click to access):
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WIS Introduction and Overviewtext/html2.12 KB
WIS Login and Accounttext/html2.23 KB
WIS Form Creation and Submissiontext/html2.16 KB
Completing a Notice of Stakingtext/html2.19 KB
Completing an Application for Permit to Drilltext/html2.19 KB
Completing a Well Completion Reporttext/html2.19 KB
Completing a Sundry Noticetext/html2.19 KB
WIS Pretty Printstext/html2.18 KB
Advanced Features of WIS (3) partstext/html2.20 KB
Troubleshooting Common WIS Problemstext/html2.16 KB
Resources for WIS Users and Training Summarytext/html2.11 KB
Electronic Permitting Resource Pagetext/html5.86 KB

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