NEPA: Categorical Exclusions (1620-12)

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Description:  This introductory course discusses the process for excluding actions from NEPA analysis, as described in Chapter 4 of the 2008 BLM NEPA Handbook (H-1790-1).  The instructors define a categorical exclusion (CX), discuss where to find the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management CX lists, how and when to determine if extraordinary circumstances apply, and how to properly document a CX.  Five exercises are provided to reinforce your learning.  Video run-time is 32 minutes; with exercises, this course should take about an hour and twenty minutes to complete.

To get credit for this course, you must get at least 80 percent on the posttest, which can be accessed by clicking on the Right arrow at the bottom of the page (in DOI Learn only).

Please note that some things have changed since this course was taped.  Check your Participant Guide for the latest guidance.  If you have questions, check with your NEPA lead.

BLM Instructors:
Meagan Conry, Roseburg District Office
Richard Hardt, Eugene District Office
Jolie Pollet, Alaska State Office

Target Audience:  BLM employees who want or need to learn more about categorical exclusions.   Secondary audience:  anyone interested in learning more about how some BLM proposed actions can be categorically excluded from NEPA analysis. 

Course Materials:  Before starting, please have a copy of the Participant Guide, a copy of Chapter 4 of the 2008 BLM NEPA Handbook (H-1790-1), one or two CXs from your office, and something to write with.  You can download the Participant Guide and BLM NEPA Handbook by going to the Resources tab on the left.