NEPA: Determination of NEPA Adequacy (1620-16)

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Description:  This 30-minute introductory course walks you through the determination of NEPA adequacy (DNA) process, as described in Chapter 5, Section 5.1 of the 2008 BLM NEPA Handbook  (H-1790-1).  The instructors will show you how to decide if an action can be implemented through a determination of NEPA adequacy and how to prepare appropriate documentation for a DNA. Exercises are provided to reinforce your learning.

BLM Instructors:
Meagan Conry, Roseburg District Office
Richard Hardt, Eugene District Office
Jolie Pollet, Alaska State Office

Target Audience:  BLM employees who want to learn more about whether an action can be implemented through a determination of NEPA adequacy.  Secondary audience:  anyone interested in learning more about using the DNA process to streamline their NEPA analysis.

To Get Credit For Taking This Course: BLM employees must  get at least 80% on the post test, which can only be accessed through DOI Learn (

What You Need Before Starting:  Section 5.1 of the 2008 BLM NEPA Handbook (H-1790-1), a completed DNA worksheet from your office, something to write with, and something to take notes on.  Other course materials—such as the BLM NEPA Handbook, a sample DNA worksheet, and PowerPoints (with the exercises)—are available by going to the Resources tab on the left side of your screen.