SWA: Nevada Water Rights Class - October 2017

Overall Course Goal:The course goal is to review and discuss approaches for securing, maintaining, managing and protecting water rights associated with public land management. Based on a review of case studies as well as specific instruction in Nevada water law and related Federal water policies, participants will review, discuss, and apply alternatives for securing water rights that are necessary for protecting a diversity of water-dependent values. Objectives:To meet management objectives, discuss and apply alternatives for securing and maintaining surface and ground water rights including:• Identify when you need to file for a water right to support land management and project objectives.• If you need to file for a water right, identify which process is most appropriate - an application under Nevada water law procedures, or submission of a claim for a federal reserved right • Identify the steps and processes necessary to address water rights for realty transactions including land exchanges, acquisitions, issuance of rights-of-way/special use permits, or revocation of Public Water Reserves.• Conduct qualitative and quantitative inventory of water sources necessary to secure or amend a water rights application or claim.• Develop strategies and collaborative procedures necessary to protect in-situ uses of water in streams, lakes, and springs.Target Audience:• Resource specialists including water, range, wildlife, fisheries, realty, minerals, wilderness, recreation, and planning• BLM Field and District Office managers; State Office program managers • Forest Supervisors and District Rangers • Other Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service staff with an interest in water rights are welcome.Additional Notes:• The Regional Solicitor’s Office, Office of General Counsel and Department of Justice will participate as part of the instructor cadre. • The training session will include field work on two half-days. Participants are to wear appropriate clothing and to bring a lunch. • Managers are encouraged to attend at least the first 2½ days of this training.. 

View any of the following videos from the class:

Day One

  1. Introduction Part I (55:26 minutes)
  2. Introduction Part II (33:15 minutes)
  3. Module 1 Permit Processes (51:22 minutes)
  4. Module 2 Overview of NDWR Decision-Making Processes (23:20 minutes)
  5. Module 3 Water Rights for Typical Federal Uses and Developments (25:37 minutes)
  6. Question and Answer Session (28:53 minutes)

Day Two

  1. Case Study with Moderated Question and Answer Session (40:16 minutes)
  2. Water Rights and Land Tenure Actions (1:03:05 minutes)
  3. Lessons Learned - USFS Galena Land Exchange (20:39 minutes)

Day Three

  1. Water Related Rights-Of-Way and Special Use Permits (1:19:51 minutes)
  2. Case Study Exercise for Water Related Land Use Authorizations and Water Rights in Land Tenure Adjustment (38:31 minutes)

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