Lands and Realty Title Training: Course BLM-TC-2000-29

This website contains course materials for the Title Training Course (BLM-TC-2000-29).  The target audience for this course is Realty Specialists  (1170 series) and Land Law Examiners (0965).  This website holds the module PowerPoint presentations used to expand the knowledge-base of the target audience with regard to title. The PowerPoints will also aid in preparing the target audience for the assigned quizzes housed in DOI Talent.  Students will be required to review each module PowerPoint and pass the corresponding quiz in DOI Talent to receive course credit.  Employees wishing to take this course may do so by enrolling in DOI Talent

 The course consists of three training modules.

  1. The first module is an introduction to title training where you will learn the common terms associated with property rights and ownership. 
  2. The second module covers Methods of Property Conveyance, recording deeds, adverse possession, encumbrance, outstanding right and condemnation.  
  3. Module three covers various forms of Acceptable Title Evidence as well as the Statutory Authority to Review Title.

Course Objectives - Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define common terms associated with property rights and ownership
  • Describe various types of land transactions, both voluntary and involuntary
  • Explain the importance of various kinds of title evidence
  • Describe land title roles and responsibilities within and beyond the BLM and the FS

To view the Module presentations in full screen mode,

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Please direct questions regarding this course or website to Susie Manezes at the NTC.