Introduction to Statistics for Natural Resource Management

These modules will introduce or provide a refresher on the use the statistics in natural resource management.  The modules provide definitions, formulas, and numerous examples of uses and calculations of various statistics used in natural resource management.  The use of the Sample Size and Power Excel Workbook and pdf instructions document are discussed in Modules 2, 3, and 4

Module 1 Basics of Statistical Analysis for use in Natural Resource Management 22:06

  • the definition and use of statistics
  • difference between descriptive and inferential statistics
  • difference between parameters and statistics
  • P values

Module 2 Descriptive Statistics 1:07:14

  • types of numbers
  • the differences between the use of mean, median and mode
  • the sum of squares
  • variance and the standard deviation

Module 3 - Inferential Statistics to Estimate a Population using a Single Sample 1:34:15

  • How to make inferences from a sample to a population
  • Type 1 Error (False-change error) 1-alpha
  • How to find the true population parameter
  • How to calculate the standard error
  • How to calculate confidence intervals

Module 4 - Inferential Statistics - Comparing Two or More Population Parameters 2:01:21

  • The use of samples to compare two or more population parameters to see if the populations are the same.
  • Sampling Error
  • Type II Error (Missed-change error) 1-beta

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