IBLA Decisions for Special Recreation Permits

Below are Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) decisions related to special recreation permits (SRPs), with the most recent decisions shown first. The first file is an Excel document listing all decisions by title and abstract.  Download that file and use it as a searchable database to quickly find decisions applicable to your case.
When preparing decisions, reference the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and relevant IBLA decisions as the legal foundation of BLM's findings and resultant decisions.  Note that the older IBLA decisions below apply to older, dated CFR citations prior to the new regulations issued under 43 CFR 2930.  Read the entire IBLA decision to get the context and legal rationale by the Board.  Consult with your state permits leader and local office realty specialist for additional guidance on preparing decisions. IBLA decisions from 1970 to present on other issues such as land use planning, NEPA, access, SRP, etc., are found at:  https://www.doi.gov/oha/organization/ibla/Finding-IBLA-Decisions

There is a search engine for IBLA decisions at: https://www.oha.doi.gov:8080/index.html

If you know of additional decisions on point to recreation permits that are not listed below, contact Mike Brown (m55brown@blm.gov  602-906-5605).  The National Training Center offers a computer-based training course for BLM employees that has a section on decision writing for SRPs.  Register via DOI Learn or contact Mike Brown (m55brown@blm.gov)