Black Rock-High Rock Country, Nevada

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Where the Pavement Ends the Experience Begins: Protect, Respect, Survive

The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area (NCA), a unit of the BLM National Landscape Conservation System, located in northwestern Nevada, received it's National Convservation Area special designation in 2000.   The NCA is associated with 10 wilderness areas and encompassess 1,857 square miles (an area about the size of the State of Delaware).  Congress created these special areas specifically to protect 180 miles of historic emigrant trails used by pioneers to travel from the eastern States to Oregon and California in the-1800s.  The surrounding landscape is a unique combination of narrow canyons, high desert playas, and rugged mountains.

This five minute video - Where the Pavement Ends the Experience Begins: Protect, Respect, Survive - paints a big picture perspective about the vast and primitive landscape found throughout the Black Rock-High Rock Country.  Visitors planning a trip to this very remote region are informed to prepare travel survival provisions as most roads and trails are not regularly maintained, are unsigned and seldom travelled.  In turn, visitors are also encouraged to come and enjoy the wildlife habitats, historic sites, outdoor recreation activities and the opportunity to experience a place of solitude.