National Invasive Species Information Management System



National Invasive Species Information Management System (NISIMS)

NISIMS provides tools for data collection, analysis and the generation of standard inventory control and monitoring for invasive species, infestations and treatments through a standard database.  BLM data sharing and reporting are available at the local, state and national levels. 

Video tutorials cover NISIMS version 2.0 workflow:

  • Configuring S1 Tools and Using the S1 Installer on Mobile Devices
  • Module 1, Overview of NISIMS
  • Module 2, Download from SDE and the Check-out Process: SDE >> GDB >> Mobile Device
  • Module 3, Field Data Collection: Rules, Tools and Tricks
  • Module 4, The Check-in Process & Uploading Data to SDE: Mobile Device >> GDB >> SDE

BLM Sharepoint (Internal): NISIMS version 2.0 User Guide, training materials and other help documents are available online for BLM employees:  http://teamspace/projects/nisims/Help/Forms/NISIMS%202%20View.aspx