Designing, Developing, and Deploying Surveys


This is a recording of a survey training class that was held via WebEx on 12 April 2012. The training class was intended for management analysts, program leads, and student trainees wanting to learn how to design, develop, and deploy surveys. The recording was edited into 15 smaller videos so they would run more effectively when viewed on this site. It will take approximately 3.5 hours to watch all of the videos. Please allow 3-5 minutes for each video to load before selecting the play button. Select the F11 key if you wish to enlarge the videos. The class objectives that were used are listed below.

Course Goal: By the end of this course each student should be able to...

Design, develop, and deploy surveys to collect usable data.

Course Objectives: In order to reach the course goal, each student should be able to...

Create an evaluation plan.

Design the survey instrument.

Conduct survey & collect data.

Analyze survey data.

Create analytical reports & products.