Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

While lands with wilderness characteristics are not included within the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) National Landscape Conservation System (National Conservation Lands), these lands are managed under the direction of the BLM's wilderness program.  This 16-minute presentation provides a brief policy summary for BLM employees on conducting wilderness characteristics inventory and considering lands with wilderness characteristics in land use plans.    This presentation covers two manuals:


·       Manual 6310 – Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands and

·       Manual 6320 – Considering Lands with Wilderness Characteristics in the BLM Land Use Planning Process.

Manual 6310 includes the procedures for conducting wilderness characteristics inventories under the authority of Section 201 of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA).  Manual 6320 outlines general procedures for considering lands with wilderness characteristics in the BLM’s land use planning process under Section 202 of FLPMA and other applicable laws.


For more information regarding this presentation on lands with wilderness characteristics, please contact Chris Barns at or (406) 243-4625.  Additional resources regarding the BLM’s wilderness program can be found at:


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