Fundamentals of Negotiation for Natural Resource Conflicts (October 18, 2007)

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This 3 hour satellite broadcast (October 18, 2007) is focused on natural resources negotiation, but will be useful in workplace negotiations, as well.

Theme:  Proper preparation is essential for successful negotiation.

Objectives:      * Prepare adequately for a negotiation;
                       * Identify effective strategies to successfully negotiate a natural resource dispute;
                       * Identify difficulties and pitfalls in natural resource negotiations before they become

Presenters:   Nina Burkardt, Research Social Scientist, and Lee Lamb, Policy Analysis and Science Assistance Branch Chief. Both presenters are from the Fort Collins Science Center, USGS. 

Host:  Cathy Humphrey, Planning/NEPA/ADR Training Coordinator. National Training Center, BLM

Target Audience:  Leadership Academy and Emerging Leaders classes, ADR Advisors; planning, NEPA, or ADR practitioners; others interested in gaining or improving on negotiation skills.