Quicktime Program Updates for BLM Timekeepers

QuickTime Program Updates for BLM Timekeepers Training includes the following:  

·         Overview of Quicktime

Ø  Current Conditions

·         Description of Changes and Enhancements

Ø  Future Conditions and Advantages

Ø  Changes to the Quicktime Screen

Ø  How to Create Favorite Keys

Ø  Live Simulation

Ø  Favorite Key FAQs

Ø  Quicktime Coding for IT

·         Timeline

Ø  Important Dates

·         Who to contact for Help and Additional Information


To go mobile with audio from the presentation,  

  1. Click to open in Windows Media Player and.
  2.  Select the Save As option.

This presentation is done by Cory Kilgore, QuickTime National Administrator at the National Operations Center. For questions or comments about this subject contact Billy Rountree at brountree@blm.gov.