ePlanning Lessons for the BLM

The ePlanning application is an internet-based approach to creating, managing, sharing, and reviewing documents created in compliance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements. With ePlanning, textual, graphical, and geospatial information is created and shared in a collaborative team-based environment using workflow management technologies. Although created primarily to support the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) land use planning and NEPA processes, ePlanning is flexible enough to support a range of federal agency planning projects. The ePlanning system enables a dynamic and interactive link between text, such as land use plans, and the supporting geospatial data. Final documents and maps are made available to the public via the internet for review and comment. 

 The BLM National Operations Center (NOC), National Training Center (NTC), and Division of Decision Support, Planning, and NEPA (WO-210) are developing a series of online training modules to provide assistance on various ePlanning tasks.  The lessons on this webpage are intended to provide just in time training to BLM employees on using the ePlanning System.  Please note that although these ePlanning modules can be viewed by anyone (BLM employees, other agency personnel and the public), you must use a BLM computer and have a BLM user login to create or edit ePlanning documents. BLM employees can look at this module if they need a refresher on how to find and navigate within the registers.

  1. Navigating the NEPA Register (2:53 minutes) - Transcript
  2. Participating on a NEPA Project in the NEPA Register (2:47 minutes) - Transcript
  3. Creating, Managing, and Editing projects in ePlanning (4:41 minutes) - Transcript 
  4. Managing and Publishing a Summary Site (8:12 minutes) - Transcript
  5. Managing Documents on Summary Site (4:03 minutes) - Transcript
  6. Adding and Managing Participation Periods and Submissions (5:12 minutes) - Transcript
  7. Coding Comments Using CARA (7:58 minutes) - Transcript

If you have questions about this website or future lessons, please contact David Korzilius, ePlanning Training Coordinator at the NTC (602) 906-5698 . For questions about ePlanning software or the content of the modules, contact Michael Moore, ePlanning Training Lead at the NOC (303)-236-9447) and Erik Ringenberg, Section Chief at the NOC (303-236-4031).

Additional ePlanning resources for BLM employees can be found on the ePlanning Community of Practice SharePoint site.

Please note: The ePlanning training videos are best viewed using the "full screen" setting.