The Steppe Forward Series -- Announcement

The Steppe Forward Series is a suite of broadcasts designed to provide a general overview of the BLM's approach to Greater Sage-Grouse (GRSG) management.

Over the past several years, the BLM has led an unprecented West-wide planning effort to protect the 10-state "sagebrush sea" that is home to the greater sage-grouse.  This series of broadcasts describes how the BLM will move forward in implementing these plans. 

You will need a BLM computer to view the Steppe Forward Series videosUse this link to see videos, powerpoints, and transcripts.  The links below will take you to the videos only.

-- Broadcast 1 (August 5, 2015) is  Overview of the Greater Sage-Grouse Plans.  

-- Broadcast 2 (August 12, 2015) is Limiting Disturbance: Permitting Activities and Calculating Disturbance.

-- Broadcast 3 (September 16, 2015) is Charting Where We're Going: Monitoring and Adaptive Management.  

-- Broadcast 4 (September 30, 2015) is Looking Beyond the Local: Habitat Assessment Framework and Habitat Objectives     

-- Broadcast 5 (October 21, 2015) is Improving Habitat Conditions: Vegetation Management and Treatments  

-- Broadcast 6 (December 9, 2015) is Working Together: Managing Data and Collaborating on Mitigation 

-- Broadcast 7 (March 23, 2016) is Into the Brush: The Greater Sage-Grouse Land Use Plan Implementation Guide