BLM and NREL Regional Transmission Workshop

The Regional Transmission Workshop is scheduled to be held for three days in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 9-11, 2016. The Workshop concept was brought forth collaboratively by BLM Nevada State Office, Southern Nevada District Office, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The goal of the Workshop is to enhance the understanding of the ‘energy picture’ in the western states. This will improve decision-making for all participants, improve related agency coordination, enhance communication, and search for collaborative solutions.

To learn more, use the Workshop information document.

BLM managers, realty specialists, renewable energy program leads, NEPA ID team members, and other staff working on transmission issues or natural gas pipelines are encouraged to attend. This workshop is intended for BLM staff as well as partner agencies dealing with transmission issues within their jurisdictions, or responsible for a component of the permitting process.

We encourage participants to use the links below to complete the on-line webinar training. Please come to the Workshop with questions.