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Title: RMIS - Recreation Management Information System

The Recreation Management Information System RMIS training is designed to provide an overview of the RMiS database and demonstrate the functionality of the system.  The training is organized into topics developed as training modules:

o   Overview of RMIS (16 min)
o   Login, Data Collection & Estimation (23 min)
o   Recreation Sites (47 min)
o   Special Recreation Permits (33 min)
o   Visitor Use Formulas (49 min)
o   Corridors, Rivers, Roads & Trails (34 min)
o   Special Area Designations (27 min)
o   Partnerships & Agreements (23 min)
o   Standard Reports (12 min)
Target Audience: This training is designed for Outdoor Recreation Planners, Recreation Technicians, Park Rangers and others responsible for entering RMIS data. Also Managers who might need to retrieve recreation data. The training modules are set up for individuals with little RMIS experience; experienced RMIS Users who would like more advanced training; or for anyone who needs a basic understanding of the system; or anyone who needs to learn how to run reports. Each module is stand alone training.
It would take approximately 4 ½ hours to view all 9 of the training modules. You may begin your training at any time by clicking on the module topic link below. You may view the modules in any order and complete the training at your own pace. It is suggested to view the Overview of RMiS module first. If you leave the training and want to return, simply click on the module link you were viewing, and click on the appropriate navigation button to return to where you left off. If you want to display the training in the largest view, click F11 on your keyboard; it works as a toggle to return to the smaller screen. For additional information contact: David Baker at (303) 236-6313 or djbaker@blm.gov
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