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Title: AFMSS 2 Electronic NOS & APD Training for Operators

This page contains resources for Oil and Gas operators or agents to learn how to file electronic NOS, APD, Sundry Notices, and Well Completion documents with BLM Field Offices under the AFMSS 2 application. AFMSS 2 has replaced the internal AFMSS and external WIS applications will from now on be referred to as AFMSS.

The first section of this page has the training videos, and the bottom half contains written documentation such as the Operator User Guide followed by a list of release summaries that explain changes that have been made to the system.

AFMSS replaces the Well Information System (WIS) for all electronic filings of NOS, APD, Sundry Notices, and Well Completion Reports.

Videos for Operators  

1. Operator Overview (5:20 minutes)
2. Quick Tips for the External User (6:43 minutes)
3. AFMSS Operator Training Introduction 1 (12:18 minutes) -- Transcript
4. Get Account (2:16 minutes)
5. Log-in Instructions (3:22 minutes) -- Transcript
6. NOS Creation and Submission (39:16 minutes) -- Transcript
7. APD Application 1-3 (17:49 minutes) -- Transcript
8. APD Drilling Plan 1-8 (36:35 minutes) -- Transcript
9. APD SUPO 1-12 (45:04 minutes) -- Transcript
10. APD PWD 1-6 (8:26 minutes) -- Transcript
11. APD Bond Operator Cert Fee (4:01 minutes) -- Transcript


AFMSS 2 Change Documentation

Document Name Version Number Version Date
Release Summary Version 08.16.21. Monday, August 16, 2021
Release Summary Version 06.12.20. Friday, June 12, 2020
Release Summary Version 05.20.20. Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Help Desk & Log-In Link

Submit Help Desk Request 

AFMSS 2 Log-In Page 

User Guides and Help Information

  1. AFMSS 2 Operator Account Request Form
  2. Operator User Guide AFMSS 2
  3. Quick User Guide for Notice of Staking Operators
  4. WISx Well Completion Reports User Guide
  5. WISx Operator Notifications and Sundry Notice User Guide
  6. FAQs for Operators Using AFMSS 2
  7. Checklist for Operators Using AFMSS 2
  8. APD Pay.gov Instructions
  9. Tie previous NOS to APD by NOS ID Number
  10. How to Record Multiple Leases for an APD in AFMSS 2
  11. How to Forward a Task
  12. IB 2017-057 - Notice of Staking (NOS) Requirements for Wells on Multi-Well Pads

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lucinda (Cindy) Lewis.

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