RMIS – Visitor Use Data Collection and Formulas (WebEX - November 1, 2018)


 The Bureau of Land Management National Training Center (BLM-NTC) delivered a 60-minute training that informed RMIS Users and interested parties about collecting visitor use data and entering that information into RMIS. This training emphasized:      

  • The reason we collect visitation data
  • Concepts in visitor use data collection
  • Processing visitor use data
  • RMIS Formulas
  • RMIS Journal entries and how to edit them
Definition of Terms:
Recreation Management Information System (RMIS) – RMIS is the BLM’s official repository for data relating to recreational and social use on public lands and waters, including National Conservation Lands. 
Please contact Larry Ridenhour lridenhour@blm.gov or Kim Leitzinger kleitzinger@blm.gov if you have a question regarding this WebEx broadcast.