Scientific Research Authorizations RAPTOR

The Recreation And Permit Tracking Online Reporting (RAPTOR) system currently supports applications for three modules:

The RAPTOR system is designed to help external users navigate the process for obtaining a permit, as well as provide for consistency in internal BLM processes. For those programs that require reporting, the system also provides for the submission of reports.

Scientific Research Authorizations Videos

 1. What is RAPTOR and when to use it? (2:18 minutes)

 2. Creating an account (1:08 minutes)

 3. Updating your password (1:05 minutes)

 4. Using the dashboard (2:43 minutes)

 5. How to create and submit your application (11:32 minutes)

 6. Uploading files with your application (1:34 minutes)

 7. Responding to a BLM request for additional information (2:11 minutes)

 8. Reporting on your permit (5:08 minutes)

 9. How to prepare and upload your spatial data (13:20 minutes)