Planning: Land Use Planning for Priority Species and Vegetation (August 2008)

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This course is comprised of 2 parts:  1) the online course, and 2) the onsite course.  Taken together, these classes will help your BLM planning team sytematically organize, incorporate, and analyze biological information for vegetation, special status species, other priority species, and their habitats into your resource management plan (RMP) or other project.

The online course, which includes videos and 3 homework assignments, is a pre-requisite to the onsite course.  The videos take 2-3 hours to complete and the homework takes usually 2-3 days to complete but varies by office. You can access and view the online course by clicking on the 1st file (below). 

We recommend that the entire interdisciplinary team (including appropriate partners) watch the videos and do the homework together, 1-3 weeks before attending the onsite class.   We also recommend that both courses are taken prior to development of the Analysis of the Management Situation.

The files below with .wmv at the end are Webex files summarizing the onsite class content.  They can be accessed anytime you want a quick review of part or all of the onsite class.  The segments range from 7 to 21 minutes each. 

The files that follow the wmv files are the powerpoints and other materials from the Course Notebook.

Target Audience:  The online (and onsite) class is most beneficial when the entire planning team participates, along with key partners (e.g., Fish and Wildlife Service, state Game and Fish), and contractors who have been selected to help with the plan. It is critical that managers and decisionmakers participate enough to become familiar with the concepts.

If you would like to schedule a 2.5-day onsite class, please contact Tessa Teems at or at 602-906-5567.  The target audience is the same, although the last half-day is only mandatory for the biological specialists.