Field Data Collection Using MS Excel Mobile: Rangleland Utilization Forms

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Field Data Collection Using MS Excel Mobile: Rangeland Utilization Forms

This series of video tutorials include step-by-step instrucitons on how to load and use MS Excel forms on a Trimble Juno GPS mobile device. The digital forms for the field data collection are from the 2010 edition of the user manual for the BLM Range Natural Resource Program. These digital data forms are intended to be downloaded into the BLM computer network for permanent record management.

Table of Contents:
Overview and background for digital field data collection
Exercise 1 - equipment check and load forms
Exercise 2 - stubble height form
Exercise 3 - key species form
Exercise 4 - height weight form
Exercise 5 - landscape appearance form
Exercise 6 - study location documentation form
Exercise 7 - line intercept form
Exercise 8 - cole browse form
Exercise 9 - copy forms back to the computer and print

presented by: Cindy Lou McDonald, BLM Oregon State Office

recorded: September, 2010