Advanced Collaborative Governance - Building Off Ramps to the Collaborative Process - August 3, 2011

This video is a recording from a 90 minute teleconference/web based training held on August 3, 2011 hosted by Matt Magee, Acting Bureau Dispute Resolution Manager with the BLM ADR Program.    The teleconference, using the WebEx technology, shared a Microsoft PowerPoint session presented by Laurel Singer, Elaine Hallmark and Turner Odell, instructors from the National Policy Consensus Center in Portland Oregon, with the BLM ADR Advisers throughout the United States.

The presentation reviewed the April 6, 2011 Webex presentation in which the basic framework process to Advance Collaborative Goverance was covered along with the follwing topics; Creating "Off-Ramps" in the Collaborative Process, Case Reviews and examples of collaboration war stories from the field.

This video is the second of a two part teleconference on Advanced Collaborative Governance.   The first teleconference was presented on April 6, 2011 by the staff of NPCC and covered "Barriers to the Collaborative Process."  It is available on the ADR/Conflict Management Resource List in the KRC and on the Washington Office ADR Sharepoint site.