Tribal Relations: New Guidance

This 90 minute webcast (M Street Live!) was presented live from the NTC on November 30, 2016 to discuss the new guidance found in BLM MS 1780 - Tribal Relations and its accompanying Handbook H-1780-1 - Improving and Sustaining Tribal Relations. After a welcoming message from Director Neil Kornze, panelists discussed various topics, including: Why did the BLM need a new manual, What is consultation, Who does the BLM consult with, Who are BLM’s representatives in consultation, and What is in the Handbook. The webcast also includes an extensive Q & A session.

Panelists are Byron Loosle, Branch Chief of the Cultural Heritage Program, and Jerry Cordova, Native American Program Specialist, from the BLM Washington Office;  Maureen Joe, Assistant Field Manager from the Farmington Field Office; and Marcia Pablo, Tribal Liaison from the Montana State Office. Cathy Humphrey, BLM Collaboration specialist, hosted.

Target Audience:  BLM managers, project leads, NEPA specialists, resource specialists, planning & environmental coordinators, tribal liaisons, and Native American coordinators.

Learning Objective: Given presentations, the participant will acquire skills to engage in meaningful communication with Indian tribes and implement a coordinated approach to consultation in accordance to BLM MS 1780 Tribal Relations and H-1780-1 Improving and Sustaining Tribal Relations.

Click on View Recording below to see the webcast. Hyperlinks to  the webcast transcript and slides, the BIA Tribal Leaders directory, and the Manual and Handbook are found below.
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