National Recreation Training - Travel Management

This training session provided participants with an overview of all phases of the BLM’s TTM process combined with highlights of clarifications provided in the new TTM Manual and Handbook. Program leads will be instructed with the intention that they will be offering this short course within their state to prepare managers and staff efficiently plan for and carrying out all phases of the TTM process.
Goal – Participants will come away with a better knowledge of the BLM’s TTM process and understand the many ways TTM principles can and should be applied on the job. TTM Program leads will be able to better provide support to the field via this training and in guiding resulting conversations.RVSAT program leads will better understand the TTM process to prepare Rec. Planners better prepare to participate in the TTM process
Objectives - at the end of this session, the participants will be able to:
1.    Understand the BLM TTM process and explain why it is a priority for every BLM resource program.
2.    Understand the role of the state leads in teaching the field to understand how and when to plan for and execute the different phases of the TTM process.
3.    More effectively respond to training requests and prevent unwise use of time and resources when planning for and carrying out the different phases of TTM.
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