Project Management Resources

Below are several handouts, exercise results, and other course materials from the various project management courses in BLM:

A.  Project Management for Planners Course held in Reno NV August 18-22, 2008.  Bob Cook revised the Project Management Plan examples after the class based on Brent Ralson's and Bob's experiences.  Also included in a list of assumptions from the Western Oregon Plan Revision.  For additional information on the content of the documents, contact

B.  Managing Projects (BLM) 1610-05  BLM Las Vegas held this class Oct. 21-23, 2008.  Bob Cook typed the case study for the Trails System Feasibility, see below. 

                                                        FUTURE TRAINING

A. Project Management for Planners, 1610-07, planned for September 21-25,  2009 

B. Managing Projects (BLM), 1610-05, available to offices working on complex EAs, EISs; and large lands, minerals, renewable energy projects, or any other projects needing a systematic approach to management. 

C.  The DOI LEARN catalog lists many computer-based project management courses.  Go to

To schedule a class, contact or 602-906-5502 or  602-906-5536