Budget and Fund Status Reports Job Aide

Financial Business Management System (FBMS) - Enterprise Management Information System (EMIS)

Finding Budget Fund Status Reports in FBMS

·         Following Breadcrumbs

·         Running Report Queries

.     Then and Now

BLM Budget Fund Status Reports - Specifications and User Instructions

·         Funding Status Summary Reports

·         Funded Program (Project) Reports

The above tools were created by the Reports Advisory Workgroup (RAG). The RAG reviewed existing reports developed by the NOC staff, redesigned them or designed additional reports. A total of 20 Budget and Funds Status reports have been reviewed and modified. 

The reports can be found on the EMIS Bex Portfolio. The reports are in the KRC as two documents, to provide instructions on how to access the available Budget and Funds Status reports. The purpose of these documents are to serve as User Reference and/or training resources.