National Recreation Training - Recreation Planning

This training session provided an overview of the required land use plan (LUP) decisions for recreation, how state recreation leads can best support the recreation planners working on LUPs, what you need to know about the Secretarial Orders, and information regarding the new Planning for Recreation and Visitor Services Short Course.
Goal – participants will be valuable resources to their field recreation planners who are working on LUPs or analyzing impacts to hunting, fishing, and shooting sports access in planning and decision making.
Objectives - at the end of this session, the participants will be able to:
1.    Identify and avoid the most common mistakes made in the recreation sections of LUPs being developed in their states.
2.    Coordinate with NTC and interdisciplinary teams working on LUPs in their states to offer the Planning for Recreation and Visitor Services Short Course.

3.    Understand the sections of the Secretary’s Orders that affect the recreation program and land use planning.

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