Instruction Seminar Course Materials


Included in this resource are course materials for NTC's upcoming Instruction Seminar course October 19th through December 2nd, 2022.  There are video lessons, transcripts, review questions, handouts, participant notetakers, notebook chapters, and guidelines for the 30-minute practice training presentation to be delivered on the last day of training.  These resources, as well as the course syllabus, will be reviewed with enrolled participants during Webinar 1 to be held on Tuesday, Oct 19th @ 9:00 am  (MST) via ZOOM. 

The notetakers are the PowerPoint slides used by the instructor during the actual video lessons.  If you wish to use them as note takers during the course, feel free to print them out at your home office.  These note takers will only be provided to you in electronic format on this website; they will not be provided in hard copy.  The entire course is paperless.  Thank you very much for your understanding.

The review questions, handouts, transcripts, and notebook chapters all support the video lessons for the course.  The review questions and notebook chapters are to be read/completed after reading the lesson transcripts).  Course instructors will collect the review questions via email before scheduled webinars (Note: Review questions must be completed for each lesson before attending the live webinars - see course syllabus).  Additional exercise handouts are at the bottom of this webpage for use during facilitated class Webinars 2 & 4.  Also, notebook materials are provided and also supplement the video lessons as required reading for the course. 

Note: For improved viewing of any video lessons in the resource list below (indicated by "Watch This") the following tips are provided.  First, click on the video you want to view.  Next, you will see a small, green Captivate box indicating by percentage how much of the video has been loaded to give you an idea how long it will be before the video will begin.  Once the video starts press pause.  After pressing pause, allow 1-2 minutes to elapse before selecting the play button again.  This act will allow the video to fully load and create uninterrupted viewing.  Also, after the video has begun, you may select F11 for "full-screen" viewing pleasure if you wish.  

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Course Syllabus 2022
Adult Learning [Watch This!]
Adult Learning Chapter [Read]
Adult Learning Review Questions [Complete]
Adult Learning [Transcript]
Adult Learning [Note Taker]
Developing Objectives [Watch This!]
Developing Objectives Chapter [Read]
Developing Objectives Review Questions [Complete]
Developing Objectives [Transcript]
Developing Objectives [Notetaker]
Developing Assessments [Watch This!]
Developing Assessments Chapter [Read]
Developing Assessments Review Questions [Complete]
Developing Assessments [Transcript]
Developing Assessments [Note Taker]
Lesson Planning [Watch This!]
Lesson Planning Chapter [Read]
Lesson Planning Review Questions [Complete]
Lesson Planning [Transcript]
Lesson Planning [Notetaker]
Lesson Plan Evaluation Checklist
Lesson Plan Evaluation Guidlines
Lesson Plan Template 2022
Student Lesson Plan Example 1
Student Lesson Plan Example 2
Delivery Strategies [Watch This!]
Delivery Strategies Chapter [Read]
Delivery Strategies Review Questions [Complete]
Delivery Strategies [Transcript]
Delivery Strategies [Notetaker]
Positive Learning Envirionment [Watch This!]
Positive Learning Environment Chapter [Read]
Positive Learning Environment Review Questions [Complete]
Positive Learning Environment [Transcript]
Positive Learning Environment [Notetaker]
Asking Effective Questions [Watch This!]
Asking Effective Questions Chapter [Read]
Asking Effective Questions Review Questions [Complete]
Asking Effective Questions [Transcript]
Asking Effective Questions [Notetaker]
Visual Aids [Watch This!]
Visual Aids Chapter [Read]
Visual Aids Review Questions [Complete]
Visual Aids Presentation (Transcript)
Visual Aids Presentation (Notetaker)
Delivery Skills Chapter [Read]
Delivery Skills (Notetaker)
30-Minute Presentation Directions [Course Intro]
30-Minute Presentation Evaluation Checklist
30-Minute Presentation Evaluation Guidlines
5-Minute Introduction Presentation Directions [Course Intro]
5-Minute Conclusion Presentation Directions [Course Intro]
Webinar 4 Handout: Asking Effective Questions EX1
Webinar 4 Handout: Asking Effective Questions EX2
Webinar 4 Handout: Positive Learning Environment EX1
Webinar 4 Handout: Visual Aid Exercise EX1
PowerPoint Template