Recreation Planning - Salt Lake City (2017)

The Bureau of Land Management National Training Center (BLM-NTC) offered the Planning for Recreation and Visitor Services class on August 7th-11th, 2017 in Salt Lake City.  This training was developed to assist in the planning and management of recreation areas and visitor services on public lands and adjacent waters.  This class provided planning guidance at the land use plan and implementation level.  The basis for this class was the BLM Planning for Recreation and Visitor Services Handbook (H-8320-1) released in 2014, the BLM Manual 8320, “Planning for Recreation and Visitor Services,” released in 2012 and related program guidance in BLM Handbook H-1601-1, “Land Use Planning.” The presented planning policy follows an outcomes-focused framework so that the recreation settings are managed in a way that best supports the attainment of desired outcomes. The course reinforced the importance of an understanding of the planning process which will lead to improved plans and more effective management of recreation areas.
For training information, contact your National Recreation Training Coordinator Mike Brown ( (602) 906-5605.   For information on training content, contact Dorothy Morgan ( (202) 912-7412.