VRM - Course Materials Boise - June 2019

National Training Center offered the Visual Resource Management Class for recreation, mineral, reality, surface reclamation and other specialists (including non-government participants) involved in land use planning, project design, review, environmental documentation, and reclamation.
This course covered all aspects of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Visual Resource Management (VRM) program. Including visual resource inventory and how to incorporate visual resources into land use planning to visual design fundamentals and how to evaluate a project regarding visual management objectives, visual impact analysis, and prescribing mitigation requirements

 Major Topics:

1. Introduction to landscapes and landscape analysis
2. Visual resource inventory and setting visual management objectives during the land use planning process
     Project planning, design, and evaluation
3. Incorporating visual resources into the NEPA process according to BLM policy
4. Reality based, VRM class project with formal presentation on last day

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